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Bingo News

Blackjack, poker, roulette and slots do not inspire you to place several bets at casino? You should definitely try bingo! Being game which is related to lotteries, it does not demand lots of skills from you. Playing it online you even do not need to know patterns. But what you DO need to know is news in bingo games. Let’s start with what happened in last few months!

Bingo Brawl

Do you think that only steady and calm players choose bingo? You are wrong! Six women started huge mess around bingo table in Devon. It was not just a common misunderstanding or quarrel between players, in fact, according to the words of witnesses, a real fight started. Rude words and threatening just made the situation worse – when players began to throw chairs the time to call police has come. Are you sure now that bingo is boring? Well, just play with right players!

Holiday Bingo Games

Bingo games have much to bring their players. Even if you’ve got used to number and patterns, you can always find something new. Each holiday is marked with an appearance of new themed bingo game. But game design is not the best part of holidays coming as players are looking forward bonuses. Free game rounds and extra money for betting, what can be better when you want to spend your evening playing bingo?

Who Let the Dog Out?

Do not take it literary, as we are just wondering when bingo became so popular that anyone is dying to play it at online casino? Probably the answer is that it has always been loved by players, but some will tell “with the appearance of online casinos.” Well, both of variants are corrects, as bingo has been played by many gamblers even 50 years ago, while online bingo games became popular with the appearance of the Internet.

Best Offers to Play

Want to try bingo but do not know where to go? Fortune Lounge Casino Group is ready to help you now! Giggle Bingo, Back2School Bingo and True Blue Bingo are must visit places for all bingo lovers.