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Internet Poker Bill to Legalize Online Poker hits U.S Senate

The New Jersey Democrat Robert Menendez has introduced in the U.S. Senate a new bill that seeks to legalize and regulate Internet poker. “To amend title 31, Code of the United States to ensure the licensing by Treasurer of Internet poker and other games that rely primarily on skills, to ensure protection of consumers on the Internet, apply to the tax code, and for other purposes, “begins the bill.

The bill would establish a new regulatory framework for Internet poker in the United States, and would also establish certain consumer protections such as age restrictions. Officially called S.8309, the Control Act, consumer protection and enforcement of Internet poker and games of skill has been introduced today.

Regardless of the success encountered by the bill, it represents another milestone in the battle for national classify poker gambling game of skill. This movement seeks not only to legalize online poker, but also to change the way it is perceived in popular culture.

This movement has gained a lot of transactions during the past year, with victories in lower courts in states like Pennsylvania, Colorado and South Carolina, with the recent efforts of Representative Barney Frank to legalize and regulate certain sectors of online gaming with its own legislation (which is separate from the bill).

The host of the original gambling destination in the United States, Atlantic City, New Jersey has long had its own internal problems regarding the legality of the game, and has recently had confrontations with the federal government on the issue.

So it makes sense that the author of this new legislation is New Jersey – and a Democrat, the party that seems most open to the idea of online gambling completely legalized. (Although technically enjoys a bipartisan support, the vast majority of supporters of recent efforts to play online Barney Frank were Democrats.)