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What are the versions of roulette online game

There are 3 main versions of roulette; however, the most popular is the French online roulette. The most popular globally is the European roulette online game since players get good profits. However, the same rules are shared by both European and French roulette. First-time roulette gamblers also find it easy to mix the numbers. That is because French online roulette is played in Monaco and France thus often called European. The experienced gamblers, though, know well how the two tables function.

The French wheel has 37 numbered pockets, which change between the colors red and black. The zero digit is represented by one pocket in green. The French roulette online game features only one zero pocket thus reducing the house edge. Check site for great bonuses. For that reason, it is advantageous for a player since the profit of the casino is far less compared to the American make of the game.

A player should adhere to the maximum and minimum limitations that are totally different for each table, as noted on each table's edge. The dealer throws the ball in the opposite path, where the wheel is rotating. Then the dealer announces the winning number after the ball lands on a specific pocket. Payment is made to all the players who have made the right prediction.

French distinctiveness

You will also find that the French version has two extra rules that are present in the European tables as well. Actually, whether or not the additional French rules are applicable on the European table will be determined by the casino. These are very beneficial to the player since they are associated with the zero pocket. It is hard to lose your bet with the French table, regardless of whether your ball will land on the zero pocket. The two likely options are:

  • You do not lose your bet thanks to the En Prison rule. This rule means that your bet is "in jail”. However, on the next round, you remain on the same outside bet. You lose your bet only if your ball lands once more on the zero pocket, spil roulette. Or else, the bet has the same opportunities to either lose or win.
  • The other rule that you can use in zero instances is the La Partage rule. Here you get back 50 percent of the wagered amount once you split the bet. After that, you may bet on your next spin as usual.

These two rules offer the gambler the same opportunities of profit. The La Partage rule is valid after placing an even-money bet and the ball lands in the green zero pocket. You should understand that the rules split the house edge into two on all evens bet.

Another difference is that the wheel on the French table is in the middle, while in European roulette, it is at one end of the table. Also, with the French table, more players can join in thanks to its two layouts.