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Online Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is a game where knowing too much is never enough. Below we have given you some great Blackjack strategy tips to help you increase your odds of leaving that Blackjack table a winner.

What is Blackjack Basic Strategy?

Basic strategy in Blackjack is very important to any players, especially for game beginner as it will help to make a correct decisions during the game.

There are some details in blackjack strategy which are different at online and traditional casinos. Online casino blackjack is faster than any land based blackjack game, but you shouldn’t feel forced to play fast, you can take your time! The good thing about online blackjack compared to land based blackjack is that that here is no penalty for placing your bets earlier or later that the dealers allows to do that, most land based casino’s do have a penalty system and sometimes these penalties do not bring any pleasure .

Main Tips of Blackjack Strategy

Remember, if the dealer is sitting with an Ace as his up card, the chances of you winning the hand are very low, even if you use doubling or splitting. Rather don’t take the chance and stand or fold if you have the option. Though you should keep in mind, that Ace not always stands for 11 points and it does not guarantee a 100% win to him.

If you in a situation where the dealer gets a up card of 7 or anything higher, your best bet will be to keep hitting until you able to get to a hard count of 17 or more. Remember that is the dealer must stand on 17, it is good for you. In a “Soft” 17 count is a hand which has an Ace in it representing 11 and a in a “hard” 17 count the hand is with no Aces in it. Keep that in mind when reading the rules of the particular table you are going to play!

Tips on Splitting

When splitting remember Aces and Eights are the best hands to split as they have the highest odds of winning! Still at some games splitting is not allowed while other tables have some rules on splitting, remember to check them before you start a game.

Good luck and may the cards fall in your favor!