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Platinum Play Online Casino in association with Warner Brothers Inc have once again taken the online gaming industry to the next level.

Lord of the Rings – Your Best Game!

The Lord Of The Rings trilogy has been an unquestionable success with millions and with the box office hit now available to all as a one of a kind Online Slot Game it is no wonder Platinum Play Online Casino is a step ahead of the rest.

Why waste time, enjoy this fantastic one of a kind slot game, win your share of the ‘precious’ winnings up for grabs not to mention the ground breaking graphics and game play that will have you glued to your seat.

The Lord Of The Rings Online Slot game also features original clips from the Award winning movie. Sign up now and receive your free €10 to experience gaming excellence.

Platinum Play also has a fantastic 1500 free spins sign up offer – Come on – can you really afford to be left behind on this one?