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Online Slot Games

Ending of the 19th century became a beginning for slot machine gambling. When Ales Charles Fey from San Francisco created the first “one-armed-bandit” slot game in 1887, he certainly did not have any idea that 130 years later his invention would be one of most popular games around. The first machines had three reels and also had the pictured symbols with hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs imprinted. Later came the machines with the Fruit Symbols but at this time the thought of 3 reel online slot games and 5 reel online slot games were not even a possibility.

Modern Slots

Slot machines were an instant success, from the date of their first appearance, as players started to enjoy this game at once, though the prizes for hitting a win were really ridiculous, just food or several drinks. Today there are well over 30 million slot players worldwide and each of them has a chance to win several millions of dollars. At the moment slot machines are the most popular game in online and offline casinos and all of the game types, including mechanic 3 reel machines, video slots, 3d machines are in high demand. Progressive slots give beginners and experienced players the opportunity to become instant Online Casino Gaming Millionaire.

The popularity of online slots started with the chance of winning big whilst only betting small amount. Although it is perfect for beginners, slots games have become a form of skill which in today’s day, and experienced players have methods and strategies on how to increase your slot winnings. The latest video technology offers tremendous variations and deep gameplay and a huge number of innovative extras on offer.

In online casinos it is easy to find slot machine theme which is the most interesting for you. There are usually great number of games which have movie or book themes. You can also find machines with your favorite characters from video games and comics books.

if you want to discover the world of slot machines and the best offers in this field, you have come to the right place. Here you will read not only general info about slots and casinos, but also reveal secrets of successful gameplay and the best recommendations on how to hit a pot.