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Online Video Poker

Video poker is game attracting more and more players all the time. Being as popular as common poker, it has lots of variations which can now be met at almost all the casinos. How to win at video poker? This is a question which all video poker players ask, but not all of them find answers.

What’s Game About

The aim is to complete the game with the highest hand. Common poker hands are used, with small changes for each variation of Video Poker. Your hand contains more points, the higher your earnings will be.

How to Play Video Poker

The first hand that is distributed contains five cards. When you get dealt with the first hand, select the cards you wish to keep and which cards you want to discard/replace. You can discard/replace from 0 to 5 cards. The cards you discard are replaced by other cards.

If your hand is a winning video poker hand, your win is highlighted in the table of payments. The table of payments is based on the number of coins you have selected to bet before the first deal.

You have the option to double or collect your winnings.

  • If you click Doubling, you enter the stage of doubling.
  • If you click the button Collect the amount shown in box gains you paid and you can give a new hand.
  • If your hand is not winning the game is over and you can give a new hand.

Doubling in Video Poker

If you have a winning hand, you can choose to have your money at stake through the doubling function.

By clicking the button Doubling, you enter the stage of doubling. The goal of doubling the phase is to draw a card of higher value. If you select a card of higher value, the payout amount is doubled. You can then choose to repeat the phase doubling or collect your winnings.

If you choose to double, five new cards are dealt and the dealer’s cards is visible. Then select any of the other four cards face down. The four cards become visible and the card you selected is highlighted.

If your card is worth more than the dealer, you double your initial gain and may double again or collect your winnings.

If the value of your card is identical to the initial ones, there is equality and the amount of your earnings do not change. You can then double again or collect your winnings.

If the value of your card is lower than that of the initial phase doubling ends. You return to the main game of poker and you can play a new hand.

Expert Video Poker Mode

You can also choose the Expert mode, which offers advanced features such as:

  • The ability to create your own game strategies
  • AutoPlay option that lets you automatically play a set number of consecutive hands without interaction with the software, after selecting your criteria game
  • The possibility of playing a game at once and apply your own game strategies
  • The function analyzer that lets you know the optimal play for the cards you have in hand to get the best possible result. The analyzer can also be used as learning tools. You can choose which hand you want to analyze the chances of winning, even if no party is in progress.
  • The advice you prevent optimal play during the game when you decide to keep a card is contrary to the optimum playing strategy.

Card Game

The cards used depend on each variant of video poker. For example, Joker Poker and Deuces & Joker use a deck of 53 cards including a joker. For more information on gambling and card table payment of each variant of video poker, check in rules.