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The Economic Crisis – Online Casinos Out Do Las Vegas

During the time of global crisis, casinos are really suffering, especially in the United States, where the economics in 2007 was in its worst state since the Great Depression. The casinos of Las Vegas were plucking, gambling has dropped from 17% in July – a decline that continued for a long time. Given the precarious state of the economy, people traveled less and so there were fewer tourists in Las Vegas. Especially since people became more frugal with their money, and gambling became not a way to have fun, but sure way of losing money.

Online Casinos During the Crisis

By contrast, online casinos saw an increase in the number of players for the first time. PokerSiteScout said there was an overall increase in the number of players playing with their money at online casinos. Avid gamblers had not been ready to forget gambling and found a new way to have fun playing blackjack, poker, and roulette.

A technique used by online casinos to attract players is increasing the number of promotions and bonuses. For virtual casino players it had already cost less than visiting a real casino because the costs of transport, catering and accommodation are avoided. Online casinos also offer rewards in the form of tournaments and free bonus cash. Besides the choice of games is really great, so any player could definitely find something to his taste.

In this economic climate, anyone who wanted to remain competitive created an account into the online gambling house. Attracting new customers while retaining existing customers was harder than ever because of the global crisis and, in particular, because the U.S. economy continued to decay. A recent study by the Federal Reserve of USA considered that even now he employment will never find a satisfactory condition after a decade.

What’s Today?

Though today economic situation is much better than it was in 2007, US is still in tough conditions. And online casinos are still in their bloom. This situation is found not only in the United Stated but in other countries as well, as for the gambling online casinos became the best places to gamble, and it will probably last for a long period of time.