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Gambling – Superstitions

Casino superstitions are rather irritating beliefs that certain objects or rituals or even circumstances can negatively or positively influence on the overall outcome of gambling. One phenomenal thing has to be that even though they are often absurd, many players believe them, even those who played at the casino for a long time . Many people all over the world still believe in gambling superstitions.

Superstition & Gambling – What Is the Connection.

Superstitions as well as gambling have always had a close relationship even since the ancient times. Both – gambling and superstitions – have always remained and even become stronger over many many years.

One example, if you have ever visited the world famous Las Vegas, almost every hotel you enter does not have a 13th floor? And this is because the bad superstitions reputation the number 13 has.

Another example is when you play slots, most slot machines payouts are based on hitting that ever luck winning combination of three 7’s. It might sound like a coincidence but the reality is that most religions and many many cultures associate the number “7” with good fortune, prosperity and wealth. So you have to say it does make you think.

We are all rational and we know gambling is and will always be based together with chance and probability. Over years many in-depth psychological studies can and have showed that the gambler is more prone to being superstitious than someone who does not gamble.

Charms to Attract Luck

Everyone has heard the term “Beginners’ Luck”, even if you have only gambled once or twice you must understand that the term “beginners’ luck” is a superstition that someone new to a game has increased luck or better odds of winning. So if you have ever used the term “beginners’ luck” you as a gambler will also be prone to become superstitious. Forget about luck and learn game rules, only that will help you to win it!

Some good luck charms out there – the rabbit’s foot, a four leaf clover, blowing the dice before rolling, wtacking your chips in neat piles and a horseshoe to name but a few.

Some bad luck charms out there – dropping a card on the floor, lending money to people during your game, breaking a mirror, black cats are all to name but a few.

At the end of the day, game with your head and not your heart but most of all remember to have fun!