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What about Roulette?

Roulette is the mother of all casino games, and for years, gamers across the world have turned the “wheel of fortune”.

When the game has made its transition to the Internet, it seemed that the game would disappear as the atmosphere of the authentic roulette gambling has been lost. But thanks to casinos 3-D today, the wheel is very convenient to play online.

Differences in Variants

There are two major variants of roulette game. They are American and European, though sometimes other types are listed, such as French roulette, Mini roulette, Royale roulette, etc.

The only real difference between two variants is that the European roulette has only one zero, as opposed to the two zeros of the American roulette.

This small change in the structure of the wheel provides a much better chance of winning, because it the probability of winning the house is increased from 2.63% to 5.26%. Otherwise, the rules of roulette are the same for both variants and you can choose any of them to play.

Roulette Rules

The rules of the Roulette Internet are generally the same as in real casinos. In order to play online roulette, players should buy chips with the help of which they will make bets. Then player selects which bet to make – to place all chips on one number, to choose only red or black numbers, or to choose some number which lay at nearly the same place. Once the chips are placed, the player clicks the button supposed to start the wheel rotating (spin button). If the player made bet on the numbers or number on which the ball drops, he is a winner.

Roulette Betting

According to official rules of roulette, there are different types of housing bets. The most common division of them includes inside and outside bets.

Inside Bets are: full (straight up), horse (split bet), the angle (corner bet), placed on five issues, the online and street bet. The outside bets are: columns, dozens, red and black, odd or even, and lack or password.

How to Win?

This game is based entirely on luck, and a beginner at the wheel has the same chance of winning an experienced casino player. There are several tricks and development systems roulette available on the internet, but in general they are useless. Learn simple roulette and fun is the best strategy.

Do not however expect to make money by playing roulette in a long term.

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